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Tabletennis-Point.com terms of delivery

For all products the warranty as given by the manufacturer applies.

If a customer wants to make a claim to the warranty he can send the goods back to Tabletennis-Point.com, along with a copy of the purchase bill.
Depending on the product, Tabletennis-Point.com or the manufacturer will determine whether the defect comes under the manufacturers warranty.
If the defect doesn't come under the warranty, in many cases the product can be repaired at the expense of the customer.


The customer has the option of ensuring the shipment for a small extra amount. If the customer chooses not to use this option, shipping will take place on account of the customer.
Tabletennis-Point.com reserves the right of changing specifications and prices of products. In case of a rise the customer will be informed before shipping the order.
Pictures are only meant as illustrations. However, we take great care in making them as realistic as possible.


Depending on the type of shipping and the destination, Tabletennis-Point.com offers trough payment provider Ingenico several ways of payment:
Credit Card, PayPal and other on-line payment methods (using secure socket layer SSL)
Bank Transfer


When another currency than Euro is chosen for displaying the amounts, the customer has to take account of possible rounding errors and fluctuation of the exchange rate.
The payment will always take place in Euro.


VAT, import duty and customs duty
For shipping to counties outside of the European Union the amount paid to Tabletennis-Point.com includes the air freight and delivery to the street address that you provide but does not include any of the following:
Any VAT or sales tax that might be owed your government
Any customs duty that might be owed your government


Returns and refunds
Returns are accepted within 15 days after purchase in the Netherlands and within 30 days after purchase in foreign countries.
Tabletennis-Point.com will refund the entire purchase price of any UNUSED item.
The customer is still responsible for the freight charges both to the customer and back to us.
In case Tabletennis-Point.com made a mistake in shipping the goods, all freight charges are credited.

IMPORTANT: You must ask a return number to Tabletennis-Point.com before returns your goods.
We will not accept a package without a return number.


Tabletennis-Point.com is not liable for any damages related to the sold products, regardless of the cause of the damage (such as but not limited to malfunction, misuse or incorrect instructions).